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Mother cows roam the hills and ranch country of our nation, generally birthing their baby calves in the spring and fall. These calves roam the pastures with their mothers until they are 6-8 months old at which time they are gathered for weaning.  This process takes several weeks but once they have adjusted to their new life, they are turned back out on grass for several months. When they reach approximately 1 year old, and weigh close to 900 lbs. they are transitioned to a grain based ration which is specifically formulated to produce well marbled beef. The finishing period is a great time of life for the cattle because rather than roaming the hills working for every meal, they receive a delicious meal delivered to them twice daily. They spend the days laying around chewing their cud and going from one meal to the next with little requirement from them, this is the pinnacle of “Happy Cows, Better Beef”.

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The Final Process

After enjoying this leisurely lifestyle for several months the cattle will weigh approximately 1300 lbs. and are ready to harvest. They are then transported to the processor where they are humanly harvested, inspected for quality, aged in a cooler, then packaged for distribution. The final days of feeding and the packaging process are particularly critical to achieving a high quality beef product. We pay extra attention to detail during this period and feed only the best quality feed. We also keep the feed quality consistent using a blend of rich grains and forages, so you always get the same great taste! We partner with only the best packing plants who share our values and hold a high standard of cleanliness and quality. All of this effort is rewarded when you experience the taste of juicy, well marbled, premium quality beef.